Melvin Priester Jr. Mayoral Campaign

In February of 2014 Jackson, Mississippi Mayor Chokwe Lumumba tragically passed away unexpectedly after only six months in office. The city held a special election, and Councilman Melvin Priester Jr. decided to run. With only two months until the special election we teamed with the Melvin Priester Jr. campaign to produce a body of work that showcased his work on the council, his real world experience, and his deep roots in the community. 

Working closely with the campaign, we developed a series of short videos for use on social media and local television outlets, as well as a website, print ads, signs, banners, and graphics for sharing on social media.

One of the campaign’s goals was to inform constituates about his accomplishments from his short time on the council. This meant interviewing real people with real stories. This approach helped bring Melvin to the people in a way that was real, genuine, and as personable as possible.

Robby Piantanida, Director/DP
Tyler Tadlock, Graphic Design

As part of our web and social media outreach, we shared short web videos for building awareness around the issues. Sharing these videos through social media platforms allowed us to engage the viewers based on the issues related to their interests, while also increasing traffic to the campaign’s website.

Website and social media design:

Melvin Priester Jr. came in third place in the special election, just behind now-mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba, the late Mayor Lumumba’s son.

Priester has since won two more city council re-election campaigns, and his district has the highest voter turnout in the city.


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